Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Wire #307 out now, featuring my interview with US avant hucksters Caroliner plus a new Avant Rock column and reviews of Black Sabbath, Six Finger Satellite, Nick Cave and Supersonic 2009. Stuff written by other people this issue includes a review of Warp 20 by Joe Muggs, an interview with Joker by Lisa Blanning and cover story on David Sylvian by Biba Kopf.

William Basinski does the Invisible Jukebox this issue... y'know, I had no idea the Disintegration Loops (de)composer looked so much like a member of Motley Crue! He could be twinned with Shellac's Todd Trainer, who's also been sporting the Nikki Sixx look lately.

Uh-oh, rock 'n' roll!